Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garden Seats

Washington D.C. has come back to life after the long holiday weekend. The streets are busier, the leaves have just a hint of getting ready to turn and we here at the Kellogg Collection are gearing up for our BIG semi-annual sale, starting on September 15th.

One of our very popular pieces here at the Kellogg Collection is garden seats. Garden seats serve many functions for our customers while at the same time are extremely complimentary to what we like to call our Kellogg sensibility.

Here is a piece of furniture whose origins date back thousands of years across continents and cultures and continues to provide excellent functionality and classic decorative design. Here at the Kellogg Collection we carry a number of different styles of seats ranging from a highly decorative pictorial seat to beautiful solid colored glazed pieces. They can add that touch of the Orient to finish off a room or look like a hand-thrown ceramic from a master potter.

Far from being the added decorative accessory for the living room, garden seats are now being used and placed in many spots around the home. Naturally their weather resistant nature makes them perfect for outdoor seating areas on patios and around the pool. They can be end tables, perfect for placing a glass of wine and plate of cheese. They can be that extra seat when friends outnumber cushions.

We advise our customers when assisting them through our design services that garden seats can and are being used in myriad places around the home. Many people now place them in their showers to provide a needed place to sit but they are also great in bedrooms or closets because their size makes them perfect for a small space where you can sit while putting on shoes. The garden seat will never go out of style.

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