Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Pictures

A mighty cold has decended on us with the formal start of Winter and we are just weeks away from from what may turn out to be another White Christmas. Last year at this time we already had snow on the ground and it stayed with us until late March. While everyone loves a White Christmas and we here at the Kellogg Collection wish all our friends a very Merry Holiday Season, we'd love to see the sidewalks a bit more this winter.

Our stores are stocked and decorated for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Here are some pictures of what our busy staff has created. By now you should have received in the mail or via email, a coupon worth 25% off any one in stock item in any of our stores. If not here is the link to the coupon.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fall Vignettes In Bethesda

The leaves are really starting to fall in Washington DC and all our stores are getting ready for the Holidays. We plan to be fully decorated and have our special Holiday items ready for your enjoyment by the 13th of November. We will be taking plenty of pictures for coming posts as the stores look especially great at this time of year.

In the meantime, Jessica, from our Bethesda store took some wonderful pictures of Fall vignettes which we wanted to share.

Envisioned here is a cozy Library or Den done in oxblood red accents. The club chairs are English styled Margates in fabric 287, Estero, a floral print in soft reds and greens. The coffee table is a classic shell and iron piece, called the “Jonathon.” The sofa is our Astor73 done in fabric 775A, Camden Bamboo. For accent pieces, the lamps are a pair of 30 inch high, oxblood red, Madeira forms. The rug is our Ivory Sufinoor.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Collection of Ottomans and Benches

Our Fall Upholstery Sale is now underway at all our stores and this is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the holidays. The sale runs through October 23rd with discounts of 25% on all stock and special order upholstered pieces and 20% off all fabric. Cooler days are surely on their way and so is the desire to make our living rooms, libraries and family rooms cozy and functional for the coming months. Our stores are filled at the moment with an array of beautiful ottomans and benches, so lets take a look at a few ideas.

Ottomans, benches and garden seats are not just wonderful accent pieces for your room but can serve many different functions. With the holidays on the way our rooms become filled with family and friends. An upholstered ottoman or bench can serve as the perfect extra seating arrangement and look so much better than pulling out folding chairs from the basement or closet. They are great for accomodating the grandchildren who want to be in on the action.

On less crowded days an ottoman can serve as a coffee table. Simply put a tray down on top of it et voila. On the quietest of days they serve their original function, placed in front of your comfiest chair as a place to rest and relax with a good book.

We have one last decorating tip for making these pieces special to your room. Time and time again our customers fall in love with a fabric that they want to put on a club chair or sofa but are put off because the fabric is expensive and the project goes over their budget. Take that fabric and put it on an ottoman or bench. It introduces another element to the overall design look you are after and helps you achieve your ultimate goal.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garden Seats

Washington D.C. has come back to life after the long holiday weekend. The streets are busier, the leaves have just a hint of getting ready to turn and we here at the Kellogg Collection are gearing up for our BIG semi-annual sale, starting on September 15th.

One of our very popular pieces here at the Kellogg Collection is garden seats. Garden seats serve many functions for our customers while at the same time are extremely complimentary to what we like to call our Kellogg sensibility.

Here is a piece of furniture whose origins date back thousands of years across continents and cultures and continues to provide excellent functionality and classic decorative design. Here at the Kellogg Collection we carry a number of different styles of seats ranging from a highly decorative pictorial seat to beautiful solid colored glazed pieces. They can add that touch of the Orient to finish off a room or look like a hand-thrown ceramic from a master potter.

Far from being the added decorative accessory for the living room, garden seats are now being used and placed in many spots around the home. Naturally their weather resistant nature makes them perfect for outdoor seating areas on patios and around the pool. They can be end tables, perfect for placing a glass of wine and plate of cheese. They can be that extra seat when friends outnumber cushions.

We advise our customers when assisting them through our design services that garden seats can and are being used in myriad places around the home. Many people now place them in their showers to provide a needed place to sit but they are also great in bedrooms or closets because their size makes them perfect for a small space where you can sit while putting on shoes. The garden seat will never go out of style.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Exclusive Painted Furniture

While most furniture stores stock a variety of items from well-known manufacturers, we are pleased to have relationships with painters and artisans who make exclusive lines just for The Kellogg Collection.

One of our signature collections is our painted furniture -- some pieces are built new, while others are vintage and antique that we purchase and have painted.

One lady does all the painting for us, whether it's for our in-stock collection, or a design and color created especially for a customer's home.

Our pieces are most popular in bedroom settings:

In addition to shelving, end tables, desks and dressers, we also paint headboards:

The painted furniture is available only in our DC store. All of our painted designs are done by hand rather than with a stencil. Our artist also paints everything from lamps to waste baskets, as you can see above. She even does smaller items such as picture frames.

Here are some up-close examples of her work:

Both pieces you see above are mahogany dressers that were made in the '30s and '40s. These pieces serve as the inspiration for the new furniture we design to coordinate with them.

Light blues and greens are our standard colors, but we can mix any custom color you want.

Here are some samples of new pieces we've made, waiting to be painted in your own special pattern: