Saturday, August 7, 2010

Exclusive Painted Furniture

While most furniture stores stock a variety of items from well-known manufacturers, we are pleased to have relationships with painters and artisans who make exclusive lines just for The Kellogg Collection.

One of our signature collections is our painted furniture -- some pieces are built new, while others are vintage and antique that we purchase and have painted.

One lady does all the painting for us, whether it's for our in-stock collection, or a design and color created especially for a customer's home.

Our pieces are most popular in bedroom settings:

In addition to shelving, end tables, desks and dressers, we also paint headboards:

The painted furniture is available only in our DC store. All of our painted designs are done by hand rather than with a stencil. Our artist also paints everything from lamps to waste baskets, as you can see above. She even does smaller items such as picture frames.

Here are some up-close examples of her work:

Both pieces you see above are mahogany dressers that were made in the '30s and '40s. These pieces serve as the inspiration for the new furniture we design to coordinate with them.

Light blues and greens are our standard colors, but we can mix any custom color you want.

Here are some samples of new pieces we've made, waiting to be painted in your own special pattern:

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